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Plenary sessions in Aarhus Kongreshus

NordiCHI 2002 plenary sessions and parallel activities (Monday 21/10 through Wednesday 23/10) will take place in Aarhus Kongreshus. The Kongreshus is Located in the centre of Aarhus city.

Aarhus Kongreshus
Amaliegade 23
8000 Aarhus C

Workshops and tutorials in the IT-Park

Workshops, tutorials anddoctoral colloquium (Saturday 19/10 and Sunday 20/10) will take place in IT-Parken, the buildings housing IT-research and education at University of Aarhus, the Alexandra Institute and the Danish National Centre for IT-research. IT-Parken is also venue for the exhibition and informal get together Sunday afternoon and evening.

Aabogade 34
8200 Aarhus N

Conference Dinner at Centralværkstedet

The conference dinner will take place in Centralværkstedet, located in the former railway repair shop, and run by Rene Knudsen, one of Aarhus finest gastronomists. The blacksmith shop where the dinner will take place is currently being rebuild.

Aarhus City

Aarhus is the capital of the Jutland peninsula, and the second largest city in Denmark. The University in Aarhus is Denmarks second largest. Aarhus is both a metropolis and a village: it offers cultural activities, shopping, and commerce, but you can still reach the countryside within twenty minutes.

The town is located by the sea. At the harbour you find heavy cargo transport, small fishing boats and yachts, in a charming mix. The many parks are all pleasant, and the city has easy access to the woods to the north. To the south, the woods are bigger and less park-like.

Monday night the City of Aarhus is hosting a welcome reception for NordiCHI 2002 participants at the City Hall.

Getting there

Aarhus is easily accessible by Trains and Boats and Planes, or you can drive by yourself if you like cars.

Aarhus Airport is situated 37 kilometres from Aarhus and offers direct, international flights and has several daily connections to and from Copenhagen. From Tirstrup airport there is a 35 minutes bus ride to the centre of Aarhus. You can take the airport bus from Tirstrup. Every 20 minutes after each arrival of a plane to Tirstrup airport, an airport bus is leaving outside the main entrance. The fare is 55 DKK which you pay to the driver in cash. Euro is accepted. The final stop of the bus is the Aarhus Central Railway Station.

Billund Airport - Denmark's second largest airport - is situated only 90 kilometres from Aarhus. From Billund Airport there is a 90 minutes bus ride to the centre of Aarhus. There is also an airport bus from Billund. The fare is 130 DKK which you pay to the driver in cash. Euro is not accepted. The final bus stop in Aarhus is at SAS Radisson Hotel.

Copenhagen Airport is located in Kastrup just outside Copenhagen. From Copenhagen airport you can either continue by domestic flight to Aarhus Airport, Tirstrup (approx. 30 minutes) or take a train to Aarhus. The direct train from Copenhagen Airport to Aarhus takes about 3 hours and costs about 250DKK (one way). Trains from the airport to the central railway station in Copenhagen leave 3 times an hour (XX:00, XX:20, XX:40) and it takes 12 minutes to get to the central train station.

To Aarhus by Train: From Copenhagen the trains leave two times per hour for Aarhus. The trip takes about 3 hours. From Frederikshavn (connected by high speed ferry to Göteborg) there is also direct train connection. Timetables for public transportation can be found at

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