First announcement and call for papers (march 2001)

The 2nd Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
Aarhus, Denmark, October 19-23, 2002


Tradition and Transcendence

NordiCHI is the main Nordic forum for human-computer interaction research. NordiCHI is the meeting place for researchers from academia and industry, designers, practitioners, educators and others from a broad range of traditions and communities; therefore the conference takes HCI in the non-limited sense of research and practice addressing the design and use of interactive technology.

NordiCHI is biannual. The first conference, NordiCHI 2000, was organised by STIMDI, and took place in Stockholm, Sweden, October 2000. The conference is a joint effort supported by речные прогулки по Москва реке the Nordic HCI organisations as well as international partners. NordiCHI 2002 is hosted by Centre for Human-Machine Interaction, University of Aarhus, Denmark.

The core of the conference is the technical programme in which a limited number of quality papers, meeting international standards, will be accepted. NordiCHI 2002 also invites good quality interactive presentations (see below), to generate and sustain interactive cooperation among the conference participants, and to stimulate dissemination of new results.

Traditionally, Nordic perspectives on HCI emphasise topics such as: technology in use, integration of design and use, exploratory design activities, and inter-disciplinary approaches to HCI. This tradition originates in the Nordic openness to new approaches and divergent ideas in the development of new concepts and practices for the future. Architecture, pedagogy, political action, fine arts, industrial design, dada; the potential list is endless and ought to be growing in the present situation when information technology is diversified and pervades still wider parts of our lives. NordiCHI is the meeting place for tradition and new directions.

Conference topics include but are not limited to:

Submission deadlines


NordiCHI 2002 invites innovative and exploratory papers meeting the highest international standards. We welcome papers attempting to move the field forward, promoting new techniques, methods, tools and theories. NordiCHI aims to be multidisciplinary, combining and truly integrating the social, the technical, the aesthetic, etc.

Papers describing original work on HCI related topics are solicited. Papers should make clear the novel aspects of the work they present and their contribution to the development of the theory and practice of the field(s).

Empirical studies of work should stress their relevance to design. Applications papers should stress their contribution to concepts and theories in HCI. Papers ad-dressing novel techniques and technologies should clearly identify the relevance and importance to HCI.

NordiCHI 2002 aims to ensure international publication of the accepted papers.

Submission deadline: March 1, 2002.


The NordiCHI 2002 conference welcomes suggestions for panels and other plenary sessions contributing to the further development of HCI as a specifically Nordic field of research and practice.

Submission deadline: March 1, 2002.


Workshops offer an informal environment for focused group discussion around work in progress or new areas of research and practice. NordiCHI 2002 invites work-shop proposals in old and new topics related to HCI.

Submission deadline: March 1, 2002.


Tutorials offer a small number of participants the opportunity to learn about specific concepts, methods and techniques from recognised experts. Tutorials may be for half-day or full day sessions. NordiCHI 2002 invites tutorials experimenting with new forms of instruction, innovative perspectives and the use of new disciplines in a HCI context.

Submission deadline: March 1, 2002.

Interactive presentations

Interactive presentations consist of short papers, presented by means of interactive posters during the conference. NordiCHI 2002's emphasis on direct interaction and networking makes this the general presentations format for design processes, products and other experiences, organisational overviews, and late breaking results; demonstration, videos and other artefacts; etc. Within this basic form, we encourage experimentation e.g. posters evolving as the audience interact with them.

An interactive presentation is an ideal format for con-veying industrial and practical experience to the rest of the community. Accordingly, we invite experiences from specific design cases, reports on how specific methods are applied and modified in practice, etc. We also invite presentation of ongoing work and preliminary results, by experienced academics as well as young researchers.

Submission deadline: August 1, 2002.

Interactive artefact presentations

Interactive presentations including an artefact (i.e. demos) are highly welcomed as they enable hands-on experience with the latest innovation in concepts and technology.

Submission deadline: August 1, 2002.

Aesthetic artefacts

NordiCHI 2002 acknowledges the innovative and inspirational power of fine art by introducing aesthetic demonstrations as a new submission category for investigations into how artistic expression and praxis affect perspectives on interfaces, contexts and design.

The computer interface has developed from merely supporting work into a broader cultural interface competing with and even replacing the book, the gallery wall, the cinema screen, etc. Traditional functionalism fails in relation to many new applications. At the same time, traditional application areas may benefit from the inspiration from how digital forms are articulated in artistic expression. Accordingly, digital arts challenge the way we understand the computer, and the relation between form and contents at the interface.

We solicit submissions of artistic computer-based artefacts, accompanied by a short paper describing the artefact and its contribution to HCI discourse. Submissions will be reviewed from aesthetic criteria as well as from how they contribute to the ongoing understanding of human-computer interaction.

Submission deadline: August 1, 2002.

Doctoral Colloquium

The Doctoral Colloquium offers PhD students in HCI the opportunity to present and discuss their work with each other as well as a number of experienced researchers. Students from all the HCI-related disciplines are encouraged to apply, although numbers will be limited.

Further information and instruction for application on


Printed proceedings will be available at the conference to ensure optimal interaction around the presented works.

Important dates

March 1, 2002: Deadline for submission of papers, workshop, tutorials, and panels.
August 1, 2002: Deadline for submission of interactive presentations, interactive artefact presentations and aesthetic artefacts.
October 19-20, 2002: Workshops, tutorials, and Doctoral colloquium in Aarhus
October 21-23, 2002: Paper presentations, panels, Interactive presentations, interactive artefacts, and aesthetic artefacts, in Aarhus.

Conference committee (as of March 2001)

Call for sponsors

The success of NordiCHI 2002 is highly dependent on the support of local and international sponsors. A sponsorship is an excellent opportunity to expose your company or organisation as a leading name in HCI and IT. In addition to general sponsorships NordiCHI 2002 has a limited number of slots for hospitality receptions and sponsored events.

Companies and organisations interested in sponsoring NordiCHI 2002 are invited to contact the conference chair (


By March 2001, Centre for Human-Machine Interaction, Denmark; STIMDI, Sweden; and have stated their financial support of NordiCHI 2002.

Conjoined Events

Symposium on theory and method in HCI research marking the conclusion of Centre for Human Machine Interaction is held back to back with NordiCHI, October 24-25, 2002

Suggestions for NordiCHI 2002?

If you have suggestions for the nordichi2002 please don't hesitate to contact the conference chair, Olav W. Bertelsen,

Contact Information

NordiCHI 2002
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DK-8200 Aarhus N,

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