Exhibition and reception, Sunday October, 20, 2002

Centre for Pervasive Computing and the Alexandra Institute welcome NordiCHI participants

On Sunday the 20th of October from 14.00-18.00 Centre for Pervasive Computing established by CIT, The Danish National Centre for IT Research, and the Alexandra Institute will organise presentations of projects and facilities in relation to The IT-Village of Katrinebjerg. This will take place at Aabogade 34, 8200 Aarhus N.

From 18.00 to 21.00 they will host a reception for all NordiCHI conference participants. The reception features excellent foods and drinks.


The WorkSPACE project; Distributed Work support through component based SPAtial Computing Environments.

The objective of the WorkSPACE project is to develop software components and hardware artefacts that may be combined and integrated into various kinds of augmented reality work places, environments, and fields. The WorkSPACE components enable support for a diversity of work situations ranging from individual work, through local collaboration, to distributed collaboration. The main aim is to augment the work environment through spatial computing components, initially for members of the design professions, but with applicability to a wide range of work domains.
More info: http://www.daimi.au.dk/workspace

Centre for Advanced Visualisation and Interaction (CAVI)

CAVI brings Danish design sensibilities together with real-time content creation and presentation on a range of display technologies including a panoramic display, virtual workbench and virtual studio facilities. The use of the facilities in CAVI are shared between industrial projects and research projects at the University of Aarhus.
More info www.cavi.dk

A sound playground

In this project we have developed a prototype of a sound lab for children. The sound lab consists of three elements: a box for sound recording, a number of sound manipulators and a sound producing carpet. The three elements can be used together: The sounds produced in the box, can be transformed and mapped to the different areas of the carpet, the sounds are then activated by movements on the carpet.

The Coloured Petri Net Tool, interaction techniques.

New Ways of Working

Center for New Ways of Working is working with all aspects of nomadic work-relations of the future and today. Center for New Ways of Working (NWoW) is established in relation to the Alexandra Institute and in close cooperation with the University of Aarhus and The Danish National Centre for IT-Research.
More info: www.nwow.alexandra.dk

Pervasive Healthcare

Breaking the limits of old computing technology in the health sector.

Interfaces for Big Ovens

Experiements with taking physical prototypes to the field, to study what kind of a computing devices ovens are in large kitchens.

............more to come!!!!!!!

Centre for Pervasive Computing is an open partnership between industry and research. The goal of the centre is to become one of the leaders within next generation computing environments where information and communication technology is everywhere, for everyone, at all times. The activities in the centre are based on competencies from a broad spectrum of research areas of relevance for pervasive computing, currently including: Interactive workspaces (i-lab), New Ways of Working, Computer Support for Cooperative Work, Pervasive Healthcare, Object Technology, Mobile systems & Wireless communication, Embedded Systems - Embodied Agents, Advanced visualisation and interaction lab (CAVI). The main location of the centre is the IT-village of Katrinebjerg in Århus, situated next to the campus of the University of Aarhus and the Alexandra Institute.

The Alexandra Institute A/S is a unique cooperation in the Danish IT-sector. For the first time in Danish history educational institutions, governmental bureaus and private companies have jointly formed a limited company to strengthen IT research, development, knowledge sharing and education. The aim of the institute is to build bridges between research and business, and to work as a central forum for collaboration.

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