Call for proposals to host NordiCHI 2008

To be able to objectively decide upon a venue for NordiCHI 2008 we
would like you to prepare a proposal according to the following

NordiCHI 2008 should take place in the proximity to the other NordiCHI
conferences in time (late October). NordiCHI 2000 was in Stockholm,
Sweden, NordiCHI 2002 was in Aarhus, Denmark, NordiCHI 2004 was in
Tampere, Finland and NordiCHI 2006 will be held in Oslo,
Norway. Please see for more information.

Describe the following:

1. Hosting organization: Note that the local автобусные экскурсии по москве organization must take
full economic responsibility for the arrangement and therefore the
organizations commitment must be specified. If Iceland or any of the
Baltic countries can consider organizing a NordiCHI conference other
ways of funding the event would need to be specified. This can be done
in cooperation with previous conference chairs.

2. Venue: Describe the conference facilities as well as hotels and
potential social program

3. Budget (plan): Especially when it comes to expected number of
participants and registration fees.

4. Committee (plan): The general co-chairs and the programme chairs
should be specified

5. Theme: Describe the focus of the event and the reasoning behind the
selection of the theme. The theme will not be a crucial aspect of the

Other things of particular interest: Such as a decision to provide a
specific submission category or providing any interesting new

The next NordiCHI conference will be selected based on the
attractiveness of the venue, the ability to make good use of existing
HCI communities both within academy and industry, previous experiences
in organizing similar events and the international recognition of
persons in charge of the event.

Proposals to host NordiCHI 2008 should be sent to,
no later than April 1st, 2006. Notification will be made in June
2006. First announcement of the event should take place at NordiCHI

For NordiCHI

Jan Gulliksen, Olav W. Bertelsen, Roope Raisamo and Dag Svanaes 
- past and present NordiCHI chairs